thanks so much for the follow! your art is beautiful <3

you’re welcome!! i love your gifs & edits, they are perfect ;u;

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keltbh asked:
perfect art perfect blog perfect face perfect human A++

aaah thank you ♥ u are too kind ;v;


oh for fuck’s sake

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Anonymous asked:
your blog is so amazing! whats the title from?

ayyy thanks c: 
it’s from a quote by Carl Sagan in A Glorious Dawn — the sky calls to us. if we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.


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shyartcore replied to your photo “will any game ever be able to replace the gears 3 multiplayer we just…”

Gears 3 mp is amazing and horde mode too :D

omg yaaas, like gears judgement was so disappointing and outside of the series i can’t find any mp that matches the pace & intensity of gears

will any game ever be able to replace the gears 3 multiplayer
we just don&#8217;t know

will any game ever be able to replace the gears 3 multiplayer

we just don’t know

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orisoni asked:
holy shit I had no idea you were following me. I love your art so much ;;


knorfka asked:
Your blog is pretty much everything I could possibly want to see on my dash- cats, arts, gaming, and all my favorite fandoms, hnnngh. And you seem really nice but I'm so shy this is probably the only ask you'll ever get from me ;w; so hi and bye now, gonna go back to lurking.

aah thank you!! i feel u, i’m pretty shy too but i love making friends so don’t hesitate if you ever want to chat! c:

and if my favorite fandoms are your fav fandoms we are fAMILY OK