Whats your fav game to play/draw?

Oh gosh well there’s a bunch of games I really love but I’d have to say the Mass Effect games are definitely my favorite. And the ME universe is just fucking amazing so I loove drawing it :>

Hi, I just wanted to say your art is amazing and you have great taste :)

Thank you! ♥ I like your taste as well ;>

Woo no classes today because the shooting yesterday lol so here’s a WiP of my waifu (◕ ◡ ◕)

First of all, your art is beyond fab. Secondly, how did you start modeling with Maya? Through online tutorials? I definitely want to get into 3D design (for VR reasons) but I don't even know where to start!

Thanks! :> Online tutorials are definitely the way to go! I learnt through Digital Tutors [x] Membership is a bit pricey but the tutorials are A++ and the customized learning paths are awesome. Maya can be intense to learn so just remember to be patient with yourself and don’t panic! Frequently troubleshooting is perfectly okay. 

[ +10 rads ]

Your art skill actually makes me melt with jealously and awe.. Love the Mass Effect stuff in particular!

Awh thank you, I’m flattered 

The game was rigged from the start.

Are you gonna be making custom Xbox one controllers or ps4 controllers?

It depends on whether I get commissioned.. I probably won’t make any for myself though because have you seen both those controllers

Your art is amazing! <3 Do you work with Photoshop? And what do you use for brushes?

Thanks! ♥ I work in Photoshop CS6 and use Dan Luvisi’s brushes [x]

The last custom 360 controller I shall ever make (•﹏•)