yoooo thank you so much for the follow! I absolutely adore your art. :>

omg no problem, your art is fabulous!

and thank you!! uwu

Nikanzii ⊙ω⊙

Do you ship Kili/tauriel? And if so, would you consider drawing them? (sorry i'm not sure if you take requests)

oMG frick yes, I don’t usually take requests but I’ll probably end up drawing them at some point anyway

hello! :D love your art! from south-east asia?

Thanks! I’m actually from the midwestern states haha OTL

Eren sketchhh °٢°

I have so much Eren Yaeger to draw

[heavy breathing]

omg your art is sick (I love all the mass effect) are you still taking commissions?

Thank you :] Digital commissions are closed at the moment but controller commissions are open!

Garrus WIP yoooo

Pug doodle :>

Kitty feet :3